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Proposed SV Big Bang 2

Several people have inquired about another SV Big Bang this year, and while initially I was a little reluctant, I'd be willing to run another challenge if we have enough interest. The drop out rate on a 50,000 word challenge is great, and we'll need a lot of people to sign up--artists as well as writers--for it to be a success. I'm aware that many of the participating people of the original challenge viewed it as a last hurrah for SV fandom, but I'm also vaguely aware that there have been a lot of new writers and artists posting to communities lately, and the success of the last challenge will encourage people to sign up. Within the first couple of days of the website launch, we had thousands of hits. One thing you will get if you sign up for this challenge, is an audience.

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Last Reminder!

Hi guys! I hope you're all almost done! :-)

Please remember that your stories are due August 1. If you *really* need the time, I'll accept stories until 12 a.m. PST.

Your story needs to be sent to svbigbang@livejournal.com in Word format. Pick three to five scenes that you would like illustrated, and include the page numbers and a brief copy and paste of those scenes in your email. Also remember to include a detailed summary -- something that would attract *you* if you were a reader.

Once you send in your story, I'll reply confirming that you are formally in the challenge. If you haven't received a reply from me, I haven't received your story.
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This is a reminder that story rough drafts are due August 1.

Please email your story in Word format to svbigbang@livejournal.com. You will need to pick three to five scenes that you would like illustrated, and include the page numbers and a brief copy and paste of those scenes in your email. The stories will be posted anonymously, so that no biases occur, and everyone, well known writers as well as new writers, will have an equal opportunity for art. Consequently, please don't bother crediting beta readers or other identifying individuals. Anything that can identify you will just be removed from the doc.

Artists will be choosing which story or stories to illustrate based on the scenes you choose, as well as a detailed summary. Please put some thought into the summary. It will be what attracts an artist to your story.

Further, note that stories will be made available to artists August 2nd. There are no extensions, and while the stories posted will be rough drafts, they do need to have at least 50,000 words.

You are welcome to change your stories until the final deadline, which is October 1. I'm well aware that they are roughs. However, you need to consider that if you delete a scene, it may have already been illustrated. You are providing scene suggestions to the artists, but they are not limited to those scenes.

Finally, I've already had some requests from artists that would like to start making art right away. If you are confident that you'll finish your rough in time for the deadline, you're welcome to post your summary in the comments so that some artists can start planning and creating art before the actual stories are posted.

You have one more month! Good luck!

ETA: I now realize that replying with your summary defeats the purpose of anonymous posting.  So if you post your summary in the comments, it'll be screened.
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SV Big Bang Update

It's May the 1st today, and that means that you have three months left to finish your rough drafts. Hopefully you're all making progress on your stories -- ideally you should have somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 words right now.

Poll #720516 SV Big Bang Progress

I'm a writer and

I... have a title.
I have an outline!
I started! Go me!
I have 5,000 to 10,000 words
10,000 to 20,000 words
20,000 to 30,000 words
30,000 to 40,000 words
50,000+ words
I'm done!

I'm not a writer but

I'm enjoying your pain
I'm cheering you on!

Remember that svbb_writers has been set up for writers; you're all encouraged to join for help and support.

And of course, I'm always here to answer questions.
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New Community

Writers! strlingdragnfly has set up a community just for you: svbb_writers.

This is a Smallville writers community where the authors for svbigbang can hang out, relax, make friends, and ask for and receive help and support for their BIG BANG stories.

Members are welcome to post their story problems. Clark and Lex driving you nuts? Can't get past that first 10,000 words? Can't think of a title? You'll receive support and encouragement from other participants over at svbb_writers.
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Update and Banner!

I'm going to enjoy this challenge. Why? Because I get *pretty* things in my inbox.

Collapse )

Courtesy of the talented taliosi_x.

As of right now, we have 40 people signed up for a story and 25 people signed up for art. I am so incredibly pleased with the turnout. We definitely have some enthusiastic Clexers out there!

Writers, I'll check in every once and a while to see how your stories are progressing, but what you need to do right now is keep the deadlines in mind. August 1 is when rough drafts are due. Mark that down in red, or make a note of it. I wouldn't leave your story to the last month -- you'll never get it done. Start writing right away. If you add 10,000 words a month, you'll be well on your way to 50,000 by the end of July.

There is a longfic community which may be useful to many of you. It supports writers interested in "long fic", or, in our case, stories over 50,000 words.

Also remember that there is a list of beta readers in the rules post. Feel free to contact them whenever you're ready.

And of course, I'm always available to answer questions and provide support. Send inquiries to svbigbang@livejournal.com or in the comments of this post.
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We currently have a staggering 34 people signed up for a story, but you still have time to add your name to the list. However, the deadline for signing up is March 1, so please decide soon.
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Update and Crossovers

I'm still trying to figure out how to manage a community, and I didn't realize that you couldn't filter entries. So, anyone that has joined that isn't an artist, er, later you may find that you've been kicked out. ;-)

Artists, please make sure that you've joined the community. Also friend it so you're watching. Info about accessing the story drafts will be posted in a members locked post in August.

Everyone else is welcome to watch the community, especially writers, as there will be updates in the future.

I've had one person asking if crossovers were allowed; my initial reaction was no, but then a couple of other people also said they wished to write one. So I need a collective opinion:

ETA: The poll is closed. Crossovers are not permitted in this challenge.

Poll #675869 Crossovers

Should crossovers be allowed?